Do you ever feel like you don’t measure up?

Does failure send you to a dark place?

Do you struggle with intrusive thoughts that condemn you?

The cost is high, and you're not the only one who has to pay it!

Insecurity costs you confidence, anxiety costs you peace and joy, and not feeling "enough" costs you the ability to rest and appreciate life's blessings.

My insecurity kept me stuck for many years. My mind was filled with soundtracks that paralyzed my performance. The people I loved and served felt the impact.

However, everything changed when I discovered confidence and assurance. I developed a process to claim and develop my God-given identity. When insecurity, shame, and comparison show up, I grab a tool to fight back.

What is this tool? Identity statements—short sentences in my own words that remind me of what God says about me.

For the first time, I’ve made the process I used to make my identity statements available online.

When you purchase You Are Enough, you will…

-Discover the five lies that keep you stuck in insecurity

-Avoid the gap where most people stumble

-Learn where to look in the Bible to learn what God says about you

-Create your own identity statements, which you can immediately use when anxiety and insecurity strike.

You can overcome insecurity and stand confidently in who God says you are. I’m here to help! Get access to You Are Enough today.

***NOTE: This product is a digital product; it will be delivered to you via email instantly.