Are you in a season of transition?

Feeling the need to start over but not sure where to begin?

Are you NOT EXCITED for your future?

Struggling to let go of the past?

I feel your pain! In fact, not long ago, I felt all those feelings and MORE.

At the end of a sabbatical from my job, I found myself struggling to get excited for a new season in my work as a pastor. Before I hit “Publish” and shared this workbook with the world, I took a few days and went through it myself. (As a child of the 90s, this is known as “getting high on your own supply.”)

This workbook radically transformed my relationship with the past and my excitement about the future. I wholeheartedly recommend The Start-Over Guide to you because it has changed me already!

In the pages of this workbook, you will…

-Discover what’s keeping you stuck

-Celebrate the progress you’ve already made

-Learn to overcome past hurts

-Understand when your plans go off the rails

-Develop a vision for your future

It’s possible for you to learn from the past and make the most of your future. I’d love to help you start over today!

If you want help starting over in a successful way, get your copy of The Start Over Guide today!

**This guide will be delivered as a digital PDF via email.